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High-Quality Office Tables

Style Your Office With the Best Office Tables in Lahore

Crafted Furniture has always set itself apart from the rest of the market with its high-quality system. We take the time and effort to invent, develop and manufacture each product. Our mission is to provide access to excellent quality furniture at the best prices. The company has set out to provide affordable yet top-quality office furniture that is easy to assemble and can be used by anyone. We pride ourselves on manufacturing office tables at an affordable price while tailoring your needs. We offer a wide range of office furniture styles and sizes, as well as a selection of office chairs, storage solutions and workstations. Our team is here to help you find the right solution for your office furniture needs.

Types of Office Tables in Pakistan

Modern furniture designs are mainly influenced by modernism, technology and style trends. We manufacture all kinds of office tables under different categories.

Writing Desk:

Writing desks have been a part of the office furniture scene for decades. They are ideal for people who dont like to sit in their chairs all day and need a place to do some work while standing up or for those who need to walk around and get some work done. In addition to being a great way to get some work done, writing desks are also a great way to set up your home office space.

Foldable Desk:

This desks modern wall-mounted concise look accesses all your needs and gives an awesome look to your office interiors. It has a folded avail. You can fold or unfold it in nanoseconds without any obstacle, and it occupies a small space, which can save your usage area. The considerable point is that it is easy to use and store because of its folding. Therefore, this foldable desk is a good investment for your office space.

Executive Desk:

Nowadays, many tables are available in the market of different shapes, designs, and materials. But the most likely is that which fulfills all demands. So, the executive table provides a more comfortable experience. Moreover, executive office tables are made from high-quality engineered wood, and the purpose is to give a superior finish and feel. One of the main features of an executive desk is a footrest, which is necessary for those who sit for hours at work. You can use these tables specifically for meetings and discussions. They of excellent quality because of the high-end finishing touch.

Shell Desk:

Shell Desk equips a minimalist design with intuitional adjustments to chalk up a comfortable, modernized seat that perfect for your home office, computer lab, or workplace. It is designed to accommodate all messy things while providing an elegant interior set that is a supreme showpiece at the office. The design ideally consists of only two materials, wood and chunks of thermoformed plastic.

Floating Desk:

Does your workplace have less space? No problem because the solution is here. When you dont have much room to work at home, You must feel hurdles in that work. To resolve it, Floating desks are perfect for even the most minor spots in your home, and there much demand for them. Some designs go in unused corners. Others fold up when they are not in use or when you wind up your work. By closing it, you will get the space you need.

Secretary Desk:

The Secretary desk carries an adequate surface, covered by a bookcase, usually topped with doors or drawers. The whole desk is usually a single, tall, heavy piece of furniture that makes it different from the rest of the office furniture. The fold-down surface makes them amply perfect for writing or working on accounts. Several drawers for storing all the work-related files, documents and compartments help keep the workspace organized. Your organization in your workspace where you work will have a significant impact on your work productivity.

Computer Desk:

Computer desks have become the streamer furniture unit in most homes and offices. You can set up the whole computer system on this desk. It also utilizes a space-saving design with two storage shelves where you can place some books, documents, a keyboard, a mouse or other stuff. Superwodd composition that makes its quality excellent plus also affordable for you. It Provides you with all necessary factors like comfortability and cross-structure design to ensure the efficiency of work by the listed factors

Standing Desk/Adjustable Height Desk:

It is on the top-on-list because of these main features. It can quickly, smoothly, and comfortably go from sitting to standing in just a few seconds. In addition, you can alternate between your favorite height settings without missing a beat; that will give you a comfortable point because it matters a lot. If you are going to invest your money by purchasing a desk for your office work, you should keep this desk in focus. The adjusting factor according to your need benefits your comfort zone.

L-shaped Desk:

Our L Shaped desk with shelves is the perfect option for a fantastic look of your office furniture design. Suppose you do not like the round shape of the corner in the office desk. So, you can pick a different shaped corner in the office tables. This is a reversible L-shaped desk that can easily adjust in any corner of office furniture design. The natural aesthetics coloured desk looks eye-catching with a metal handle. It provides a look at your office or workplace. You can place this desk at home if you do work from home. This desk design will never be fusty. So, the astronomical benefits listed here on the L- desk helps you choose this one.

Office Table Price in Pakistan

Office table price in Pakistan varies according to design and size. It depends on the modernity and customer requirement. The modern office tables are available in different designs, styles and shapes per your choice. You can buy any office table that you want without any hesitation. All our tables are designed with advanced technology to be durable and long-lasting. If you want an extra side table or cabinet, the prices may be higher than average, but it does not mean that they are expensive or not worth buying. They come in different sizes, colors and designs so you can choose one according to your budget and preference.


Which office table is best?

The best office table is the one that is affordable and adjustable according to your needs. You must consider comfortability, quality and cost while choosing the one for your office. In addition, you can go for modern and trendy tables to enhance your workspace aesthetics.

What furniture is usually used in the office?

Every office space is completed by accommodating all these essential furniture pieces. Comfortable and ergonomic chairs and desks, lounge equipment, and office partitions are all essential for productive and collaborative work, giving excellent efficiency.

How do I choose an office table for the office?

When you are going to choose office tables, you will need to decide what type of style or look you want. Fusty stuff will always be in a temporary zone. So choosing the right one depends on these two points: If your office is modern, choose simple steel chairs and tables. Choose office tables with thick solid wood tops if your office has a more classic style.

What is the size of the office tables?

It would help if you bought a desk with dimensions that appropriately serve your usage. A standard large desk size that will suit most uses is 60-inch x 30-inch, with a height of 30-inches. So, these standards will help you pick the right one.