How to Polish your furniture at home? - Simple and cheap remedies

How to Polish your furniture at home? – Simple and cheap remedies

Sitting at home with nothing to do, want to know how to polish your furniture at home without spending much money? Then taking up a new task that keeps you engaged for few hours is recommended. How about polishing your old furniture at home? Then this article is definitely for you.


As we provide you the perfect guidance on how a little care and little effort can make all the difference to your furniture and make it visually appealing and shine like new. Today we tell you how to polish your furniture at home.


You will fall in love with your old furniture all over again when you see how radiant it can look after being well polished at home.



You can use carnauba wax, bee’s wax or paraffin wax for furniture polishing at home. It creates a protective layer on wood, and keeps it shiny and glowing. Apply wax on loosely woven cotton cloth and rub the cloth gently on the furniture. Then remove the extra wax from furniture with a clean cloth. Your furniture is ready to shine.


The best way to polish your furniture is to begin with mild cleaning and then move on to some pro cleaning techniques if you want to regain the lost shine of your furniture items. So, give your furniture a fresh and new look by following simple methods.


Difference between Homemade & Commercial Polish:

Homemade furniture polish works incredibly for your furniture by moisturizing and protecting it at the same time. It also costs just few rupees to make and doesn’t fill your home’s indoor air with chemicals you don’t recognize.


Commercial polish comprises silicone, among other ingredients. We know silicone bonds with itself, so after every application another layer will be added which attracts dust and humidity. With passage of time, those layers make your furniture look dull and dirty even when you have just clean or polished it.

On the other hand, the ingredients in homemade furniture polish don’t contain the synthetic fragrances or aerosolized ingredients like commercial sprays. Many people with allergies prefer to use homemade recipes of furniture polish as they find their symptoms of allergies begin to settle when they shift to homemade cleaning recipes like this one.


How to clean furniture before polish?

Carefully clean the furniture before applying homemade furniture polish on it. First of all, remove dust and stain from the furniture by wiping it with a wet cloth followed by a dry wipe. If there are any white spots or stains on the furniture, rub them with a solution made with warm water and few drops of dish soap followed by a dry cloth. Also never let water remain on the wood as it can leave stains on furniture.


How to polish your furniture at home?

Before start polishing, divide the wooden furniture into small sections:  Add a small quantity of homemade polish or coconut oil on a clean cloth and apply it on one section of the wooden furniture. Follow the direction of the wooden grains and buff the wooden surface to achieve a shine. Now go for the next section of the furniture.


Avoid to use too much coconut oil or polish on the furniture as an oily surface works as a dust magnet. Natural homemade polish can also be applied on wooden frames and wooden cutlery to regain their shine.


How to make Natural Furniture Polish with home ingredients?

Want to add moisture back into the wooden furniture? Homemade polish is a great way. It is also best to remove dust & grime. One of the most popular ways to make fresh homemade polish is by combining equal quantity of white vinegar and lemon juice in a spray bottle. Vinegar best known to remove greasy finger prints and dirt from wood while lemon juice works as a disinfectant and imparts an appealing fragrance to the wood polish. For dark wood, we use only apple cider vinegar.


You can also make natural homemade polish by mixing 2: 1 olive oil with lemon juice. Olive oil moisturizes, conditions and protects the wood by entering into it to form a protective fence. Always remember to shake the mixture before application because olive oil and lemon juice have the tendency to isolate into two layers.


Always make a new combination; don’t store the blend as it might turn smelly after few days. Just make a little bunch of polish which can be utilized soon. Store the combination in a spray bottle. But we personally don’t recommend these methods in which food oil uses. As food oils like Olive Oil & coconut oil will go rancid. Always go for an oil that does not go rancid like Mineral Oil.


Which things should avoid during application?

  • Should use oil on your wooden furniture instead of water even if you drop water by mistake on your wooden furniture, it can cause the wood to binding and crack. So don’t take long to clean it.
  • Don’t use vegetable oil or cooking oil as they go rancid. Only use mineral oils.
  • Avoid to mix wax and oil. Use them separately if you want to polish your furniture
  • Use oil only on those furniture items which have been varnished previously as oil act as a dust magnet.
  • Apply polishes and oils on the hidden areas of your furniture first to check if there are no unwanted results
  • Should always use clean fabric or wipe to polish your furniture to avoid any unwanted stains.


Now, whenever you wonder “How to polish your furniture at home?” you just have to follow these instructions properly in order to make your furniture shiny and presentable and let us know how these tips worked for you through your comments.


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