10 Modern office table designs in Pakistan 2022 - Crafted Furniture

10 Modern office table designs in Pakistan 2022 – Crafted Furniture

Flexible workspaces are a key component of modern offices. Today’s workplaces includes modern office table designs for a more engaging type of work-life in place of the conventional pattern of giving each employee a cubicle. If you are an employee, you spend most of your day at your office. Because of this, this area should promote both your health and productivity.


An office table is one of the essential furniture pieces in every office. A desk is required to carry out everyday office duties and other duties. Desks are used for writing, keeping the computer system, and storing files, folders, and important papers.


When you’re looking for one, give your office or home table extra thought because it’s the main focal point of the space. Better office table designs and  correct office workstation can increase your productivity and improve your organization.


Office Table designs in Pakistan

The most common office table designs in the Pakistani market are listed here:


Writing Table

Writing desks are smaller and designed for occasional usage. These desks have four legs, an open area, and a thin rectangular writing surface. Under the writing surface of a writing desk, a little drawer occasionally appears.


Folding Table

A foldable table is ideal for short-term workplace requirements or tables that need to be moved around regularly. Tables may conveniently be kept in a closet because of its surface, which can be folded into thin pieces.


Executive Table

One of the simplest office table designs which includes basic desk with lots of storage choices is this one. An executive desk has ample space for handling complicated duties.

Executive desks frequently have a sizable, rectangular working area, plenty of room underneath for seating, and hidden storage in the form of many drawers and cabinets on either side.


Shell Table

These are basic, three-sided desks with no below storage. Usually rectangular, they have a large amount of free space beneath the top layer.


Floating Table

Floating desks are typically mounted directly to the wall. It is not a good idea to place heavy objects on them because they lack legs. While some floating desks are installed permanently on the wall, others are foldable. These desks are ideal for minimalist offices because they conserve space.


Secretariat Table

A secretary table is the best option for persons who need to write and do the paperwork by hand because it is built with drawers and storage. If you’re a serious writer looking for a charming atmosphere in your office, this table is a great choice.


This table includes a little built-in cabinet that extends from the back of the desk rather than being fully flat on top. Traditional secretary desks come in cherry and mahogany but are painted white, and oak versions are now gaining popularity.


Modern larger secretary tables include amenities like a keyboard tray and a cable management system. Small secretary desks also allow a mouse and laptop to fit comfortably.


Computer table

These are designed for traditional desktop users who require a nearby computer tower, monitor, and printer. Keyboards and other electrical equipment can be stored in additional cubbies or shelves on computer desktops.


Computer desks occasionally come with a cabinet to make the most of the space above the computer; others have front-closing cabinet doors. As a result, these desks may have a footprint that is less than 36 inches broad and 24 inches deep.


These desks are ideal for serious computer users and students who require something practical because they are big and intimidating. They usually put function before form, yet they can still match your office’s colour and style scheme.


Standing tables and tables with adjustable height

There have been recent talks regarding the risks of prolonged sitting. As a result of the alleged health advantages of switching between sitting and standing, standing desks are becoming more and more popular.


A desk accessory enables standing work at your usual desk, a static standing desk with an elevated work surface always in place, and standing desks with adjustable work surfaces.


You can alternate between standing and sitting with the SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous, a fully adjustable standing desk. This adjustable standing desk’s sturdy sit-to-stand steel frame  4 programmable height adjustments to meet various needs.


With the push of a button, its quiet, smooth dual-motor system can lift 300 lbs.


Filing cabinets

There are tons of files and documentation in small firms. The regular running of the firm requires the use of all files and papers. To store files, papers, folders, and documents, file storage systems provide a variety of drawers and shelves. Additionally, they have either a single door or two doors.


L-shaped table.

Final office table designs of the list is an L-shaped table is a creative workstation that, though it may appear weird at first, will significantly enhance your office. L-shaped desks normally have two equal-sized sides that are perpendicular to one another.


These desks provide you more room to work while keeping all of your papers close at hand. They are perfect for meeting desks since you can effectively share space with them because most of them may be positioned in a corner.


One of the best l-shaped workstations on the market is the L-shaped Smart T from Autonomous. This desk’s beautiful yet useful design will inspire you every day. It has a powerful triple motor system with 330 lbs of lifting capacity, and lowers quietly.


Final Remarks – Office Table Designs

Everybody has different preferences, demands, and requirements, such as storage and an area for writing.  Determine the office table designs you want first, then size and colour. From there, you can choose from a wide range of products that are well-made and simple to construct.

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8 Unique Types of Office Furniture in Pakistan and their Importance

8 Unique Types of Office Furniture in Pakistan and their Importance

If you work in an office or at home, furniture plays an influential role in making your work more comfortable and easier. There are several types of Office furniture in Pakistan available nowadays that various offices buy.


Modernization of corporate offices has increased comfort levels and provided employees with a better working environment.  All corporate offices have switched from traditional office layouts to trendy and modern ones. The workplace includes office furniture, which is significant.


For the office employees, it offers a number of advantages. The office space is improved, staff productivity and value is increased, and so on with attractive workplace furniture.


This blog provides a list of the various sorts of office furniture in Pakistan you can choose for your space.


Different types of office furniture in Pakistan

These days, you can get a wide range of lovely office furniture that give your workspace a more polished appearance, including:


Executive desk

For managers and supervisors specifically, managerial workstations are created. They are available in various sizes and shapes. A managerial desk can be positioned in any size office cabin.


Computer tables

In an office, the computer desk is utilized for a variety of duties. On a computer desk, you can keep all of your compatible devices. Today’s market offers a wide variety of computer desks. They consist of various drawers, keyboard trays, and more items. On computer workstations, you can keep everything organized, including displays and phones.


Filing cabinets

There are tons of files and documentation in small firms. The regular running of the firm requires the use of all files and papers. To store files, papers, folders, and documents, file storage systems provide a variety of drawers and shelves. Additionally, they have either a single door or two doors.


Writing table

This straightforward desk is a common type. On the writing desk, you can store a computer, laptop, scanner, or printer. It lacks cabinets, drawers, and shelves for storing office supplies. However, working on laptops is made more comfortable by the writing desks.


Owner’s desk

The director’s desk is situated in the hub of the office. It is only available to directors. For various offices, there are several sorts of director’s desks.


Office chairs

Executive chairs are frequently used with management desks and executive desks. Additionally, these chairs have wheels and casters that make it simple to transfer them about the office. They have amenities such a high backrest and padded armrests and backrests.


Polyurethane foam, leather, and soft materials are frequently used to make executive seats. Due to their high-end features and style, these office chairs are more expensive than the others on our list.


Conference Chairs

Board meetings and annual general meetings of the firms are held each year. Meetings like these are held in secret spaces to address crucial company issues. A conference chair is a piece of formal workplace furniture that gives conference rooms more flair. Additionally, it enhances the reputation of your office among the Board of Directors and other executives.


Task Chairs

The most typical sort of workplace furniture is task chairs. This is a straightforward design with wheels and casters for simple rotation. Foam is sometimes used as a lining in task chairs to increase comfort and support. Some manufacturers make it simple to change the height.


Task chairs are the most reasonably priced chairs on this list in addition to having these attributes.


These are the types of office furniture in Pakistan that are most frequently seen in workplaces. They serve many purposes, just like the personnel in your company. Office desks and chairs come in a variety of comfort levels, but as long as you keep your posture upright, you should be alright.


Adding Value to Your Workplace with Office Furniture in Pakistan

An office with a dull appearance is something no one likes. It is essential to decorate your office in a way that will increase your productivity. When you buy the right furniture, you not only add warmth to your place but also feel good mentally, which helps you become more productive.


When it comes to your furniture needs, our office furniture is the most convenient option.


Other than office table designs, we offer the following features in our workplace Furniture:


  1. Easily movable

You must have all wished the furniture could be rearranged occasionally according to your needs, since change is the only constant. You can easily switch our office furniture to accommodate future furniture designs that you might want to buy.


  1. Variety

The best part about this furniture is that it comes in a wide range of selections such as office chairs, lounge chairs & centre tables in a variety of colours and designs so that you can pick anything you want.


  1. Adaptable to any location

You can easily switch back to the status as usual with our furniture since this furniture can be re-arranged to create a multi-purpose work environment.


  1. Saves space

In addition to maximizing the use of your office space, our workplace furniture also has the ability to nest against the wall when not in use. Saving you a lot of space.


  1. Eye-catching

In addition to the wide variety of designs & colors they come in, our office furniture can easily make any office space look more elegant & lively. Also, you can order this furniture online through various web platforms.


  1. Eco-friendly

Aside from being very convenient and usable, this furniture also provides some significant environmental benefits thanks to the re-usability and dust-free installation of the raw materials.



Last words – Office furniture in Pakistan

The working environment is positively impacted by office furniture in Pakistan. Additionally, it encourages people to be more active while at work. For your little or large offices, you can choose any piece of workplace furniture from the list above.

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